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JLC Logistics Ltd. - owned, managed and operated by a team of ‘hands on’ experienced professionals, all accomplished in providing their skills to meet the most demanding requirements for their clientele.

JLC Logistics offers a range of diverse operational services that targets and achieves a cost effective and proficient outcome as we strive to be the preferred and approved provider for project support.

Employing the highest safety standards, JLC Logistics will supply modern plant and equipment to meet these criteria parameters of each undertaking, maintaining a flexibility and adaptability to meet the targets of the contract / project.

Our objective is to be the leading logistical contributor for onshore and offshore support sustainment to the oil & gas, wind farm and other related industries.

Supply bases have been established worldwide, manned and operated by JLC ‘s personnel. In addition to onshore supply bases - Offshore Floating Supply Bases – OFSB’s - are advocated to meet the specific demands of individual offshore drilling campaigns.

Pipeline contracts have been completed successfully, from coating plant to ROW, in some of the most inhospitable of terrains.

Our client portfolios demand a varied approach to their particular activity requiring an extended remit of skills which have encompassed wide ranging logistical requisites.

The JLC team has the experience, expertise and enterprise to ‘turnkey’ any logistical operation / logistics project, wherever in the World.

3 -_Harwich_-_nacelle_storage_on_stillages


AHTS Wira_Keris__Bengal_Producer_-_Magnama__Hatia_Surveys


Anglian Monarch_towing_semi-sub_Ocean_Nomad_Invergordon_to_Helvick_Field


BeacheadSongo Songo_Is.Sonotrach_Rig_supply_facility


Diving Support_Vessel_DSV_-_Relume_-_Windfarm EEIV _warebarge_IsmayaSangu_field_Bangladesh GP 17_-_stowage__on_flat-top Hercules Rig_31_Ravva_Field_India

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